6 Tips for a Great New Year

6 Tips for a Great New Year

After recuperating from a season of indulgence, the New Year can inspire self-reflection and encourage us to hit the reset button. Unfortunately, this moment of opportunity can be overpowered by lofty resolutions. Rather than vowing to lose ten pounds or pursue ballroom dancing (following the Dancing With the Stars season finale), why not strive to just be well? Well-being is all encompassing—from nurturing your body with sleep, food, and exercise—to maintaining your mental and emotional health. Here are some simple ways to live well:


We all want more and don’t get enough of it. Sleep is sacred; so keep your bedroom calming and comfortable, and your mattress and pillows protected from allergens with PureCare. Invest in a quality mattress that suits your needs. Whether it be a Serta, Restonic or Reverie mattress, choose one that is most functional for your lifestyle. In order to peacefully drift to dreamland, follow a regular schedule with a set bedtime. From waking to eating dinner, your body maintains a rhythm each day and will naturally know when it’s time to rest. Listen to your body and go to bed—even if it means saving the new episode of Scandal for tomorrow.


Many vow to lose pounds by cutting calories and portion sizes. Unfortunately, while doing so, they also cut out precious nutrients. Opt to keep your calories, but choose them wisely with whole grains, proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Many make the wrong food choices out of convenience and lack of planning. Thankfully, there are many nutritious, on-the-go options. Grab a Luna bar for the road or Wise Popcorn as flavored a treat. And for an anytime of the day pick up Popchips or Veggie Straws for guilt free munching.


Drink lots of water. Invest in a slim 32 oz. water bottle that fits in your car’s cup holder and can be easily toted around with you. Remember to refill it in order to achieve your 64 oz. daily intake. If you are reluctant to keep sipping, make your water fancy by infusing it with fresh lemon, strawberry, basil, or mint. Even better grab Bubly and choose from 8 delicious flavors.


The gym and aerobics classes are not for everyone. Even those who enjoy working out can’t seem to fit it in on some days. Get creative with your physical activities during your busy day. Try to reach your daily goals by parking farther away, taking the stairs, or dancing while you fold laundry (hey—no judging here!). Invest in a fitness tracker to monitor your heart rate and movement.


Choose laughter. Smile. Seek out the humor in misfortune. Lighten the mood. Be positive. Diffuse anger or hostility. If you really are struggling with seeing the brighter side, watch the laughing babies on YouTube…seriously.


All the beauty products you can buy attempt to artificially recreate this radiance. The secret is overall wellness (see above) and a great body scrub and moisturizer! Lather on Adamia therapeutic repair lotion regularly to achieve that exuberant look that others will visibly notice. And make Tree Hut body scrub and body butter a must have to glow!

As you navigate a new year of possibility and growth, resolve to live and be well— you deserve it!