Best Companies to Work For | Women’s Choice Award

Finding the best company to work for can be challenging and crucial for success. The Women’s Choice Award can help you in simplifying this decision! We review companies to find that “perfect” culture that is well matched for your personality and lifestyle. Our picks for Best Companies are categorized into 3 main groups: Best Companies for Women; Best Companies for Inclusion and Best Companies for Millennials. Data is compiled from a variety of publicly available sources and each measure is weighted accordingly for each category. Only companies with the highest scores have earned the Women’s Choice Award.

Best Companies to Work For Methodology


Best Companies for Women can be defined as companies that meet the general needs and preferences of all working women regardless of race, age and family status. Our comprehensive analysis compares how companies rank in terms of women representation in the industry, work-life balance, professional development opportunities and company benefits (vacation, maternity support, wellness, perks).

BEST COMPANIES for Inclusion

Best Companies for Inclusion can be defined as companies that best help women of color navigate the workplace. This category primarily explores how much diversity exists within the corporate structure, the types of professional developmental opportunities within the organization and the various types of work-life benefits provided.

BEST COMPANIES for Millennials

Best Companies for Millennials can be defined as companies that help millennial women grow professionally and advance their career while also catering to their lifestyle. Key areas of interest include vacation, flexible schedules, telecommuting, professional development opportunities, wellness benefits, and overall company perks.