Women account for over 85% of all consumer purchases, and influence over 90% of family healthcare decisions. Yet women are busier than ever juggling work, family life and personal time, with little time left over for anything else. So, at the 2010 inception of the Women’s Choice Award, we asked women how to best support her busy lifestyle. The answer was clear: Simplify her life by identifying the best products, services and healthcare facilities, which would allow her to spend less time researching and struggling over choices in today’s cluttered marketplace- and more time focusing on what really matters.

And while the methodology differs based upon her needs and preferences within an industry, every awarded brand and service shares favorable consumer recommendation ratings, a critically important measure to women.

Did you know?

– 92% of women would trust a brand more if it carried the Women’s Choice Award seal

– 95% of women say that the Women’s Choice Award would help make their decision easier if choosing between two brands at a similar cost

At the Women’s Choice Award, we translate the collective voice of women into a highly objective and consistent methodology.

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