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Qualification Questionnaire



Does your company offer flexible schedules to employees?
Do you offer onsite childcare?
Is subsidized childcare available to employees?

COMPANY REPRESENTATION – Professional Development

Do you have a formal/structured new hire training program available to new employees (aside from basic onboarding)?
Does your company have Professional Development events and/or On-site or Off-site training to enhance job-related skills?
Do you provide paid memberships to professional associations?
Are there career mentorship programs?
Do you offer tuition reimbursement?
Do you conduct annual performance reviews with employees?

Company Time Off - PTO & Sick Leave

Are employees able to accrue more vacation/PTO per year? (ie: Does unused PTO Rollover to the next year?)
Does your company offer sick days apart from (in addition to) PTO days?

Time Off: FAMILY - Maternity & Paternity

Health and Wellness Benefits

Does your company have an on-site gym?
Is there a lactation room on site?
Does your company offer HSA - health savings accounts as part of benefits?
Does your company offer gym reimbursement?
Does the company provide or offer discounts to health support services? (weight loss programs; smoking, etc.)
Does the company offer any fertility assistance?

COMPANY PERKS – Millennial Oriented Perks

Does your company provide any type of entertainment discounts (movie tickets, theme parks)?
Is the office pet-friendly?
Does your company provide catered lunches - or provide any kind of snacks?

COMPANY MORALE – Recognition, Events & ESG's

Do you have celebrations for employees - birthdays, employee recognition, tenure celebrations (1,3,5,10 years of service)?
Has your company implemented any clear and stated ESG policies (environmental, social and governance)?
Do you celebrate aside from holidays? ie: social events; milestones or corporate awards (ie. Women's Choice Award)

Financial Benefits

Are stock options available to employees?
Does your company offer 401K matching (≥3%)?
Does the company offer financial bonuses?
Does your company have a pension plan?


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