Single’s Guide to Moving

Single’s Guide to Moving

You’ve made the decision to move and now it’s time to kick things into gear! If you’re single and beginning this journey alone, you’re probably wondering what’s next- and how you’re going to do this on your own. But don’t fret because as the only moving company to have earned the Women’s Choice Award, Allied’s exceptional service has continued to earn the trust of their customers year after year. 

Not only does Allied provide an exceptional moving service (if you’re looking for one!), but as the moving experts, and a company that cares about its customers before and after the move, they’ve helped us put together the best tips for your upcoming journey.  

So read on, and then get moving- with confidence!

Research Your New CityResearch Your New City

The best way to put yourself at ease is to eliminate some of the unknowns. So before you move to your new city, take some time to research it. Learn about the different areas within your city and their proximity to shopping centers, recreational facilities, and airports. If it’s possible, plan a trip to give yourself a preview. This way you can envision your new place of living. And, consider inviting a friend to explore with you!

Plan for Your MovePlan for Your Move

When you are moving on your own, it can become overwhelming quickly. Take time to plan out your move. One important step is creating a master list ahead of time. This list should include all of the tasks you need to complete before your move out day, and this list will help to alleviate stress, ensuring that you stay on top of important tasks. 

Host a Packing PartyHost a Packing Party

Packing your life into boxes can be time-consuming and stressful, especially when you would rather spend your last few weeks with friends and loved ones. A great way to do both is by inviting friends over to help you pack! This can actually be super fun. Order in some pizza and grab your friends’ favorite drinks to turn it into a packing party! Oh, and don’t overlook inviting some of the older kids, like nieces and nephews, or your friends’ kids (with mom and dads permission of course) to help out! 

Eliminate Clutter 

While you are packing you may find you have items that you no longer need or use. If these items are gently used, donate them! In fact, Allied has partnered with The Salvation Army to make it easier for customers to donate their items. How cool is that? Through a quick scheduling process, unwanted belongings can be picked up, free of charge, and taken to local Salvation Army stores, where all items purchased directly fund adult rehab programs that change lives and restore families. You can learn more about the partnership here.

Explore Your New City 

You made the move, now it’s time to get out and explore your new city! Familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. Find your go-to grocery store and the local hangout spots. Push yourself to step outside your comfort zone and meet new people. Consider joining a running group, getting a gym membership at attending classes, or signing up to volunteer at different community events. Your new city is full of possibilities, go out and embrace it all!

While moving to a new city can be intimidating, especially when you’re braving it all on your own, just remember to be patient and enjoy this new chapter of your life. Adventure awaits!