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Connecting Women Investors with Financial Advisors

Awareness of the award- a trusted beacon for women


Welcome to the game-changing Women’s Choice Award, the first and only recognition program for well-qualified advisors who are committed to the women’s market and serving women clients. The prestigious Women’s Choice Award seal, originated by WomenCertified Inc. has been earned by national businesses such as Hertz, Goodyear, Serta, Kenmore, Coldwell Banker, Overhead Door, Princess Cruises and many more, as well as over 250 healthcare systems around the country and colleges and auto manufacturers and dealers. We have been proud to bring this program to the financial industry since 2013.

Through the efforts of our national and regional partners as well as ongoing press efforts and initiatives, the Women’s Choice Award is a fast-growing brand that has become a trusted beacon for women and reaches millions of women every year. Our database of women online includes over 200,000 women.

If you would like help distinguishing yourself in the fastest growing sector of financial planning, we’ve just made your job a whole lot easier.

Click here now to complete a brief questionnaire to see if you qualify to become a Women’s Choice Award Advisor.

Women control more than half the wealth in the United States. 70% of female consumers would like to work with a financial advisor, but less than half actually have one. That’s because, until now, women didn’t know where to find an advisor they could trust.

By becoming a Women’s Choice Award Advisor, you will:

  • Distinguish yourself as an advisor women can trust.
  • Garner the competitive edge that comes only with the credibility and recognition of the Women’s Choice Award
  • Be front and center among hundreds of thousands of female consumers each month
  • Gain access to unique, proven marketing-to-women materials and content created by experts that will help you capture and retain more female clients

The women’s market


Today women hold more than half the wealth in the United States and own 40% of America’s privately held businesses, and there’s more to come. Baby boomers stand to inherit $10 trillion in the next few years, and women will get the bulk of it as they outlive their fathers, brothers and husbands. The women’s market is strong and getting stronger, as the greatest wealth the world has ever seen settles into the hands of baby boomer women. Yet this affluent market is underserved: Only 20% of women investors have a financial advisor, but 70% would like to work with one. Why don’t they? Until now, they didn’t know where to turn.

Overview of the women’s choice award® program


Affluent women are more likely than men to consult financial advisors, but in the past they often didn’t know how to find someone trustworthy and competent, who understands them and to whom they can relate. With the Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisor program, they now have a trusted resource to begin their search.

By connecting women investors with financial advisors they can trust, the program benefits both.

Click here now to complete a brief questionnaire to see if you qualify to become a Women’s Choice Award Advisor.



WomenCertified Inc. conducts rigorous research to determine which professionals provide quality services to their clients. Advisors who are considered for the Women’s Choice Award may be nominated by their firm or peers but all advisors must qualify through our qualification questionnaire. There are 17 objective criteria that are considered in evaluating candidates for the award and 10 of these are required to qualify. These include:

  1. Advisor is accepting new clients.
  2. Actively employed as a licensed or credentialed professional in financial services for a minimum of three years.
  3. Credentials include an IAR (Investment Advisory Representative), a FINRA-registered advisor/broker, affiliated with an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) , CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), PFS (Personal Financial Specialist), or a licensed attorney practicing in financial services.
  4. Must be in compliance with regulatory requirements of the SEC, state securities regulators in states where they do business, and self-regulatory bodies.
  5. Must be in good standing with the standards of the firm with which they are affiliated.
  6. Must have a favorable regulatory and complaint history and who sign an affidavit to that effect:
    • No more than three customer complaints filed against them with any regulatory authority
    • No individual contributions to a financial settlement regarding a filed customer complaint
    • No suspension or revocation of license as the result of a regulatory action
  7. Must not have been subject to a regulatory action that resulted in their license being suspended or revoked, or payment of a fine.
  8. Must not have been convicted of a felony.
  9. Must not have filed for personal bankruptcy.

In addition, in determining whether an advisor has the tools and experience to serve women’s financial needs, the following criteria are also considered:

  1. Assets under management
  2. How many firms the advisor has been associated with in the past ten years
  3. The advisor’s record of community service
  4. The advisor’s client retention rate over a three-year period
  5. Number of clients served by the advisor
  6. The advisor’s education and professional designations
  7. Educational programs and events provided for clients

In addition to a review of your qualification questionnaire, we conduct a screening through a FINRA ‘check’, SEC ‘check’ (where applicable), and CFP Board ‘check’ (where applicable), as well as a general background check through search engines.

As part of our program, in addition to the qualification questionnaire, we require a letter of validation from at least 2 senior executives at the individual’s firm/broker dealer. These letters augment the regulatory history review, and further confirm a good standing and recommendation from senior officials.

Benefits of the women's choice award advisor program


In a competitive marketplace, now more than ever, it is critical to engage your clients and build loyalty. Women trust the opinions of other women. The Women’s Choice Award is an important tool to help women select a financial advisor, knowing that the advisor is trusted by other women and provides quality services to their female clients. And it provides advisors with a competitive edge that comes only with the credibility of the Women’s Choice Award program.

The Women’s Choice Award listing puts you front and center as women begin their search for an advisor. You will benefit from the credibility of the Women’s Choice Award program to develop a robust marketing campaign and your inclusion in our media outreach to female consumers.

Once i qualify for the women’s choice award, how and where will my information be listed?


Advisors who qualify for the Women’s Choice Award will receive a free basic listing on www.WomensChoiceAward.com, searchable by name and location, containing the advisors name and contact information. This listing will remain on the site until it is time for the advisor to requalify, which is every 2 years. Consumers can use those listings to begin their search for a financial advisor in their area who will meet their needs.

What if i want to reap the maximum marketing benefits of my award recognition by leveraging the award in all of my outreach?


As almost every advisor and firm who earns the Women’s Choice Award designation wants to truly distinguish themselves in the women’s market by showcasing their recognition, we have established an exciting, turn-key marketing program. The WCAFA program provides the financial advisor or firm with the following benefits:

  • Usage rights of the Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisor (or Firm) seal in all marketing
  • Enhanced Profile on WomensChoiceAward.com which includes a more detailed overview, including photo, quote, contact information, designations, images, logos, mission statement, etc.
  • Joint Press Release for Distribution
  • Opportunity to participate in other marketing efforts throughout the year as they become available

The benefits of the 2 year program far exceed the costs. On average, advisors spend about 3% of their gross annual revenue on marketing. At a cost of just $1,750 for an individual advisor (or small firms start at $2,250 depending on number of advisors), an advisor who adds just $500,000 of new assets at a 1% fee will more than pay for the cost.

Other Information

Do you have training programs to help me attract and retain women clients? are any included in the cost of the program?


As experts in selling women, we have competitively-priced programs available to you and your firms in affiliation with some of the top trainers in the country, as well as customized webinars, research programs and influencer campaigns for an additional cost.

If i still have questions, is there someone that i can call?


We invite you to join the growing list of well-qualified advisors who are committed to the women’s market and to serving women clients, and receive national recognition as a Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisor. For more information, contact Kathi Waldhof at 954-922-0846 x2 or email kwaldhof@WomensChoiceAward.com

Click here now to complete a brief questionnaire to see if you qualify to become a Women’s Choice Award Advisor.