Treatment for Eye Conditions

Treatment for Eye Conditions

By Sarah Cherres

Eye conditions and discomfort can present themselves at any time, mainly due to allergies, infections, and the natural aging of the eyes. According to eye care retailer Pearle Vision, some of the most common eye conditions also include blurred vision, computer eye strain, and pink eye. Eye infections can spread very quickly, but with proper care and prevention, you can be your biggest champion to maintain your eye health. Let’s go over some ways to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful every day and the best options to treat them on those days where you need a little bit of help.  

Seasonal Allergies trp-allergy-eyes-relief

For those who suffer from eye discomfort due to allergies, it may feel like allergy season is all year round. In the Spring, we have elements like flower pollen. During the Summer, grass pollen, and in the Fall, weed pollen is the accidental culprit. These allergens can cause red, itchy eyes that can sting and cause a painful burning sensation. To help alleviate seasonal allergy outbreaks, try Allergy Eyes Relief® eye drops and Allergy Eyes Relief® PM ointment by TRP, recipient of the Women’s Choice Award as a 9 out 10 Customer Recommended company for Homeopathic Allergy Relief. Solutions for temporary relief are a much better alternative to scratching the eyes to alleviate the itching. That is a big mistake many of us make! Rubbing the eyes causes further irritation and aggravates the condition. If bacteria are present on the hands, in some cases, this might lead to severe infections like pink eye.

Pink Eye 

trp-pink-eyes-reliefPink eye also referred to as conjunctivitis, can be caused by allergies, bacteria, or by viral infections. Pink eye can be highly contagious. It can spread by contact with eye secretions from someone who has the infection. Sometimes contact can happen by touching a contaminated surface. Some of the symptoms include tearing, itching, redness, and in some cases, discharge and crusting around the eyes. 

One way to treat pink eye is by using the powerful combination of TRP Pink Eye Relief® drops and Pink Eye Relief® PM ointment. The daytime drops provide temporary relief for symptoms such as redness, burning, and inflammation. The evening ointment lubricates the eye, alleviating overnight symptoms such as crusting around the eyes. Both products have earned the Women’s Choice Award as America’s Most Recommended for Pink Eye Relief.

Eye Styes 

An eye stye is another common eye infection. It can happen when glands in the eyelid get clogged.  Fortunately, on most occasions, a stye can be self-treated. One trusted solution is Stye Relief® by TRP the relief products™. This homeopathic eye ointment has 100% natural active ingredients with no known side effects. The formula provides relief for stye symptoms such as itching, burning, tearing, and swollen bumps on the eyelid. Stye Relief® is also recognized with the 2020 Women’s Choice Award as a 9 out of 10 customer recommended product because 9 out of 10 of their female customers would highly recommend it.

The Aging Eye

trp-aging-eyes-reliefAs we age, the eye experiences changes, which may lead to increased dryness, sensitivity, and discomfort. Symptoms of aging eyes include floaters, double vision, and sudden blind spots. Adults may also develop macular degeneration, an eye disease that causes blurred vision or vision loss. One option to help with symptoms of the aging eye is AgingEye Relief® by TRP. The drops help promote macular health, clear vision, and night vision. And, not surprisingly, this product was also named by the Women’s Choice Award as America’s Most Recommended for Homeopathic Aging Eye Relief. 

Tips to Maintain Eye Health

tips-to-maintain-eye-healthIf you are asking yourself, “How often should I get an eye exam?” The answer depends on your eye health and the recommendation of your eye care professional. An adult without eye problems or conditions should still get a comprehensive eye exam at least once every two years. An adult with an eye condition, such as a cataract or diabetic retinopathy, should get at least an annual eye exam to maintain their vision health. 

There are many options available for eye care. The best way to maintain a routine is to find a trusted eye care practice near your home or place of business. You may want to consider Pearle Vision. For over 50 years, Pearle Vision has been serving neighborhoods across America with their eye care needs. They also received the 2020 Women’s Choice Award as a 9 Out of 10 customer recommended Eye Care so you can feel secure, knowing that 9 out of 10 of their female customers would highly recommend them. Visit the Pearle Vision website to find an eye care center near you.

Aside from your eye care checkups, you may also be wondering about ways to take care of your eyes on a daily basis. Here are some simple things you can adopt, such as:

  • Maintain a healthy diet.

Foods like spinach, kale, strawberries, nuts, and seeds are not only healthy but add much-needed vitamins and antioxidants to a healthy diet, ensuring proper nutrition for eye health.

  • Get enough sleep.

Not getting enough sleep may lead to conditions like eye spasms and dry eyes. Getting an adequate amount of sleep, ideally, seven to nine hours for adults is essential for healthy eyes.

  • Be mindful of screen time.

If you work in front of a computer screen for many hours a day, a good rule of thumb is to look away from the screen at least every 20 minutes. Make each pause at least 20 seconds long.

  • Wash your hands regularly.

Hand-eye contact happens unconsciously. We all have a good idea of when to wash our hands as part of a general hygiene routine. However, we must pay special attention when treating or going near the eye area to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria.

Eye health starts from within, with small daily actions that contribute to your wellbeing. But for those times when you need help, you can always rely on trusted eye care retailers such as Pearle Vision. Visit their website to find a store near you. To learn more about TRP and their awarded line of homeopathic eye care, visit their website and store locator to find a product retailer near you.